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This page was created back in 2014, but was not launched until 2015. Our goal is to bring you the most reliable and accurate information across eastern Iowa. We have a automated alert system that post a map of the alerts, you can not find that on any other pages. Professional looking radar, and models. This page will never post anything fake or to cause hype across social media. Tyson is the founder of MIW and currently attending school at Stratford Career Institute for meteorology/Computer Science, and at the same time working a full time job, and to bring you the most accurate, and reliable weather source around Muscatine, and the surrounding communities. Tyson has been chasing storms for little over a decade, but does not do it much. He has been fascinating with weather ever since he was little, and self taught how to read all computer models, and of course forecasting. MIW will continue to be the #1 reliable weather source in the area, and much of east central, and southeast Iowa including all the communities in the following counties, Cedar, Des Moines, Henry, Henderson, Iowa, Johnson, Louisa, Lee, Muscatine, Mercer, Rock Island, Scott, and Washington.

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